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[ZINE] Words of (Relative) Wisdom

Someone once asked me: “What advice would you give to your past self?”. What would I tell young me that would make their life easier? What would I remind myself in times of deep distress? When life gets hard, what words would I want to remember?

In response, I wrote fifteen simple words of wisdom, relative to me and my experience as a living human being. These are the things I tend to forget. Things I take for granted. Recurring mistakes, like the unread footnotes of my life. I wrote them down for me. I wrote them to remember. I wrote them to make them tangible.

I wrote them to share with you, in case you need some wisdom from a wondering, wandering twenty-four year old.

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How to Write a Convincing Heartbreak

Some time ago, I was invited by my university org (DLSU Writers’ Guild) to do a talk on the topic of heartbreak. I don’t know why they chose me to do it. I’m not a professional writer. I don’t even write prose all that much, to be honest. Either way, it happened. I did the thing and I got a certificate. Whoop whoop!

As much as I try to live without regrets, sadly I do regret my approach to that particular talk. It wasn’t as informative as I wanted it to be. So as reparation, I decided to write this.

Disclaimer: Again, I’m not a professional writer. My technique comes from personal experience which involved a lot of trial and error. This is just a guide for you to use if you want to. Okay? Okay, cool. 😀

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This is How I Knew It Was Over

“I think I like you.”

“I like you, too.”

“No, I mean I think I’m falling for you.”

It took me a moment for your words to sink in. It felt like I was in a movie: right at the part where the music swells and the protagonist folds their hands together in thoughtful contemplation. How is this happening? How does something like this happen to someone like me? It didn’t feel real because things like this never happen to people like me.

What do I do now?

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The Forever Night

In further attempts to de-clutter my plot bunny shelf, I would like to share with you this short bit of prose. I haven’t written any good prose in a long time so I may be a little rusty at it. This is an idea my brain plopped out a few months ago and today, I thought it would be good to write a bit more on it.

I’m not quite sure how I want it to go just yet but hey, no harm in writing it down here for now.

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