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[ZINE] Words of (Relative) Wisdom

Someone once asked me: “What advice would you give to your past self?”. What would I tell young me that would make their life easier? What would I remind myself in times of deep distress? When life gets hard, what words would I want to remember?

In response, I wrote fifteen simple words of wisdom, relative to me and my experience as a living human being. These are the things I tend to forget. Things I take for granted. Recurring mistakes, like the unread footnotes of my life. I wrote them down for me. I wrote them to remember. I wrote them to make them tangible.

I wrote them to share with you, in case you need some wisdom from a wondering, wandering twenty-four year old.

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A Letter to My Bullies

I’m writing this “letter” in an attempt to reconcile my feelings towards people who have hurt me. In hopes of gaining personal closure. I don’t expect these people I’m dedicating this letter to to acknowledge their mistakes or for us to be friends again. I just want to get this out for myself.

And maybe, to help you – in case you’re going through the same thing. Bullying is never okay. If you’re being bullied, I’m here for you.

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