Questions Nobody Asked: A Vlog!

So a few days ago, while I was midway through crushing my requirements for a class, I wanted to film a video. Procrastinating at its finest tbh. As a result, I made a vlog answering twenty (one) questions from my random questions box.

It’s another Questions Nobody Asked but this time it’s in a vlog format~

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On Fandoms, Merch, and Money

Money: whether or not we think it’s relevant, in a Capitalist modern society, money is important. It’s what (currently) makes the world go round and what we use to accomplish many a task.

Being a fangirl of many things, along with spending a whole day on YouTube and some moments of reflection, I decided to make a vlog about the relationship between supporting your faves and being financially stable.

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Questions that Nobody Asked

On my desk, I have a box that’s full of random questions. This is a literal box of questions. I keep it around as a spring board, in case I run out of creative juices for a blog/vlog or if none of the pending ideas I’ve got brewing are ready to pour.

Today, I’ll be using my box for the first time and I’d like you to join me!

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Three Reasons Why I Don’t Buy Fake Makeup

I love getting quality products for cheap, especially if it’s beauty products because let’s be real looking good isn’t always affordable. I’ve got a lot to say about the societal standard for beauty and how the system is erred with contradiction but that’s not what I want to discuss right now.

What I want to talk about right now is fake makeup.

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