《 내 실수로 생긴 흉터까지 다 내 별자린데 》

“Even all the scars from your mistakes make up your constellation.”
Answer: Love Myself ;

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Dear Dan and Phil

Interactive Introverts is literally two days away. I’m so excited I could throw up. I’m so emotional I could cry at any moment. I can’t believe I’m meeting them in two days. I wrote them a letter that I will be giving them when I meet them. I can’t write any more sentences without losing my mind right now.

For posterity, I’m going to share it here too. Feel free to read, I guess.

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A Day in Watercolors

Last June 25, I had the opportunity to conduct a Watercolor and Bullet Journal Workshop for an org in my University. I was able to apply what I’ve learned in TCP in developing an instructional plan for it which made teaching the workshop so much more effective.

I had a lot of fun at the workshop and since I’m still in the watercoloring mood, I made some paintings of my own that I’d like to share with you.

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