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Life Update: Down and Up Again

My last entry was fourteen whole days ago and as much as I feel bad for not writing for that long, I needed the break.

The past two weeks were super busy and pretty overwhelming.

My mom went on vacation for ten days and I was having some major separation anxiety. It made me really sad and I didn’t feel like doing much of anything because of it. That made doing school work difficult because I couldn’t focus much. It made socializing hard because I just wanted to stay home and be a hermit. But I managed. I channeled my hermit-ness as art.

Here’s some of what I’ve made:

I like how they look. They have a common, unintentional theme of incompleteness/censorship. Maybe that’s my SepAnx pushing through? I dunno.

Aside from school, I was also pretty preoccupied with co-planning my best friend’s surprise birthday dinner. It wasn’t something I’ve done before and I really wanted it to work out so I put a lot of my effort into it. It was a struggle trying to confirm the guest list and it hit my planning insecurity pretty hard but for my BFF, I’m going to do my absolute most.

It all worked out in the end. BFF was surprised. Mission accomplished!

Almost two decades of friendship! I love my friends so much. ❤ (From left: Dana, Janel, me)

We had dinner at a Japanese buffet with Janel’s family and friends. I was eating for about three hours continuously. Grazing is an amazing phenomenon. I get why cows do it. Haha!

Last people standing: dinner at Sambokojin ended at about 10:30pm! 

Things are starting to pick up with school so I’m going to be submerging myself in readings and homework again. I have a bunch of ideas lined up in my journal so I hope to update you again soon.

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll catch you in the next one!

Eri 🙂


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