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Life Update: School Life and a Late Cinco de Mayo

It’s been a while since my last entry and I’ve been quite a busy bee over the past few days. I had an action-packed weekend full of friendship and new opportunities which left me really tired but very happy.

So last Friday (May 12, 2017), I attended the YouTube Fan Fest Manila at the World Trade Center. It was an amazing experience that kicked off my full weekend. I’m making an entry just for that, please stay tuned!

Saturday (May 13, 2017) was a full day of activities for me. In the morning, I had my orientation for Grad School at DLSU where they welcomed all the new students, handed out the Student Handbooks (which are hella beefy imo), and introduced us to our respective colleges and departments.

I’m now officially part of the College of Education! How exciting. 😀 We were also oriented to the requirements of the department and introduced to our professors. I am so thrilled to be back in school. I am ready (so ready!) to start my journey to becoming an educator.

In the afternoon, I went to Robinsons Manila to meet up with my friends from high school for a late Cinco de Mayo birthday celebration. I got there a little early since I was already nearby but it didn’t take long for everyone to arrive. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve hung out with everyone so having us all together was so much fun!

#friendship 💖

We started at around 3PM and spent the whole afternoon to late evening bonding over games, arts and crafts, music, and food + drink.

The highlight I think was the arts and crafts because we got so into it that we were all so tired and hungry. We made sculptures, shrink plastic charms, and friendship chokers! Being the crafty person that I am, I was helping along the way so that everyone could make something they were happy with. We were all learning from each other which made our crafts more fun. It was kind of like preschool all over again – but with more wine and swearing.

I tried to take pictures of everyone’s sculptures but our hands were so tired and dirty that the struggle was real.

The shrink plastic charms were super fun because (excluding myself) it was everyone’s first time to try making anything with shrink plastic. We had to buy some emergency aluminum foil because the oven toaster didn’t have a tray inside it but it all worked out in the end!

We made some just as pieces and others we used as accessories for the friendship chokers. The chokers are made from recycled denim, needles and thread, and a lot of determination.

I don’t have any pictures of that but my friends gladly shared theirs with me (thank you Dana and Roxy!)

I had a blast being able to craft with my friends. This was something I really needed and I’m glad we did this. We had such a good time that we started thinking about the next one – possibly at my house. Saturday was a great day and worth every ache and pain the next day.

Shout-out to my friends: Dana, Roxy, Janel, Dea and Sharlane for an awesome time and super duper special thanks to Jo for hosting! I love you guys! 💛

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll catch you in the next one!

Eri 🙂



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