Candy-Colored Sky: A Photo Set

I spent a good ten minutes frantically running around my house because a) I had too much caffeine and b) the sunset made the sky so visually appealing to me that I had to capture it on camera.

Again, please note that I’m not a stellar photographer but I do know what I like, visually. I used my Canon 1200D and my 40mm lens for these pictures. Colors edited on Photoshop CS5.

I decided to go with a pink and blue cotton candy vibe for this set because I find it ~aesthetically pleasing~ but I also have a few edits that are more summery and golden. I love how the light catches into the clouds and how all the colors are all very soft and sweet.

This is a small victory but I’m proud of it nonetheless. Hopefully, I get more chances to take more photos of things. I want to keep improving and sharing my work with you guys.

Anyway, that’s it. Hope these photos bring a bit of cheerfulness into your day!

I’ll see you around in the next one.

Eri 🙂



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