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My Four Favorite Playlists for Art Jams

Featured Image is from the BenCab Museum

“What do you like to listen to when you’re making stuff/drawing/doodling etc.?”

I’ve been asked this a lot over the course of my art/drawing/creative career. The answer always changes because I listen to a lot of things when I’m in an art jam. Recently, I’ve found what I listen to most often which yields the most successful/visually satisfying pieces. I thought I’d share it with you, in case you want to feel the same sense of ~inspiration~ I get from them.

1. Coffee Table Jazz, a playlist by Spotify

I like that whenever I queue up this playlist, it gives me the feeling of working in a coffee shop. If I’m at home and I want to focus on something, I find that I’m always gravitating towards this playlist. There’s just something about the trumpets/saxophones and piano combo that helps my brain focus on stuff better. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for that.

Notable Faves:

  • I’ll Let You Know – David Hazeltine
  • The Nearness of You – Joshua Redman and Brad Melhdau

You can listen to it here:

Or here.

2. Disney Jazz, a playlist by awwmandude on Spotify

I like this for a lot of the same reasons that I like the Coffee Table Jazz playlist. With the added bonus of it being jazz and DISNEY together. It’s got all my favorites remastered in a way that keeps my mind calm and heart happy. As a Disney Nerd, this just hits all the right notes in my scales and arpeggios.

Notable Faves:

  • The Bare Necessities – Alfredo Rodriguez
  • Beyond the Sea – Robbie Williams
  • Ev’Rybody Wants To Be A Cat – Roy Hargrove

You can listen to it here:

Or here.

3. Phil Lester’s YouNow Live Shows on LessAmazingPhil

Okay, in case you don’t know, I’m a huge Dan and Phil fan. I love them a lot. Let’s just get that out of the way.

I like listening to Phil’s pre-recorded shows on YouTube while I draw because it makes me feel like I’m listening to a good friend tell me about their day and share stuff about their life. I like having his videos play in the background while I work. They are about 45 minutes per video so you don’t have to switch for a while.

You can watch them here.

4. Hufflepuff Common Room, Ambient Mixer

If you’re the type of person who works more productively in an environment with ambient noise, this one’s for you.

I stumbled upon this website Ambient Mixer some time ago. They’re a site that creates mixes of all sorts of wordless background sounds to create…well, ambiance. My favorite one (I say favorite because there are quite a few to choose from) is the Hufflepuff Common Room one because it a) sounds really cozy and comforting and b) is Hufflepuff-themed yay. #PuffPride

If you’re not into the fandom stuff, they’ve got a lot of different choices for you. Another nice about Ambient Mixer is you can make your own mix depending on the vibe you want.

You can check them out here.

I hope you get the same sense of creative inspiration from my playlists, whether you’re studying, making new art or just chilling at home with a cup of tea.

What’re your favorite things to listen to?

Hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you in the next one.

Eri 🙂


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