Dream: A re-redo

My art is about celebrating the small victories. πŸ˜€ Today, here’s a bit of a show-and-tell.

I was scrolling through my Facebook and (via On This Day) I saw a doodle I made in 2014. It was from when I first acquired my iPad and started my journey into digital drawing. I had those rubber-tipped styluses and a lot of excitement.

2014 Original
Dream, the original. 2014

This was the doodle. I did it monochrome because well…I wasn’t the best with colors. This was one of many attempts at tuning my art style. I liked how it turned out enough to share it.

A year later, with practice, a handful of stylus experiments and a bit more familiarity with colors, shading, etc. I decided to make a re-do.

2015 Redo
Dream, the re-do. 2015

Redo~ I was experimenting with a kawaii style at the time, hence the sparkles and the big, googly eyes. I used green in this version versus the first one which is more blue/aqua/turquoise. Overall, very adorbz.

Fast forward 2017, I saw both of these side by side and saw my improvement. It made me feel good. So I thought I could try doing Dream again. With my Adonit Stylus and my possibly improved skills.

And here’s the result:

2017 Re-redo
Dream, the re-redo. 2017

πŸ˜€ yay~

I think it’s the best re-redo I’ve ever done.

My art is about celebrating the small victories.

The journey has been rough and frustrating but I’m sharing Dream and its multiple versions to hopefully encourage and remind you (and me too) that we can do it. Don’t give up. Try new things. Keep going and moving forward.

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll catch you in the next one.

Eri πŸ™‚


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