Three Reasons Why I Don’t Buy Fake Makeup

I love getting quality products for cheap, especially if it’s beauty products because let’s be real looking good isn’t always affordable. I’ve got a lot to say about the societal standard for beauty and how the system is erred with contradiction but that’s not what I want to discuss right now.

What I want to talk about right now is fake makeup.

I’m sure you’ve encountered this all too many times. You’re on Facebook/Instagram/Amazon etc and an online seller shares a photo of their “US-Authentic” “Factory Overrun” products on hand. You’re at a bazaar and the saleslady comes to you, selling “Class-A” eye shadow palettes and lipsticks

Urban Decay’s Naked 5 palette being sold for pennies.

All the newest Kylie Lip Kits, glosses and Kyliner, buy one get one free.

“Wholesale prices” for the usual suspects like Too Faced, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe, Lime Crime and Benefit.

Products that are normally $45 and above are now just $6! What a bargain, right? You can finally use all the products your favorite beauty gurus are using. You can be extra and use all the latest beauty trends for so much less! You must be thinking that it’s all too good to be true.

And quite frankly, yes. It is too good to be true because more often than not, these products sold online or at bazaars are fakes. Knock-offs of the high-end, branded stuff.

This may not be a big deal to other people but I’m strongly against buying fake/class-A makeup. And here’s what bothers me so much about it.

1. It’s illegal.

By purchasing these “class-A” products, you are powering an industry of counterfeiting. A lot of counterfeit products are powered by sweatshop labor. That’s how they get things so cheap. The manufacturers of these fakes skip out on proper wages and safety/health of their workers. Their working conditions are sub-par. You are never going to be 100% sure what goes on in the production of these things and by buying fake makeup, you are making it okay for these manufacturers to do this. Your money is supporting this.

I’m not one to support an industry that disregards the health of their laborers to make a quick buck.

2. Fake = Low-quality

Since these products aren’t the real deal, the manufacturers do not have the exact same build of the real thing. You may think that you’re getting the latest and greatest products for much cheaper but fake makeup is, more often than not, low-quality.

Fake makeup is made fast to keep up with the trends. They are made with cheaper, lower quality ingredients which makes their formula shabby. For eye shadows, their pigmentation won’t be as vivid. For lipsticks, the texture will be different – pastier or clumpy or chalky depending on the type of lipstick. Instead of getting the most out your makeup, you’ll end up throwing it away. That’s money down the tube.

Also, these products do not go through the same rigorous product testing as a legit product is. So the ingredients they use could be harmful to our skin with prolonged use. You got it for cheap, sure. But at what cost? Is getting the latest trendy brand more important than your health?

3. Brand isn’t everything.

When you buy expensive products, part of what makes it so expensive is their brand. You are paying for the name, the identity. It’s like getting a can of cola: Pepsi or Coca-Cola, it’s still cola. Marketing plays a huge role on how much influence a product has on the market. Marketing powers hype. Hype gets you to buy.

Do your research on products sitting in your wishlist. There are so many options for makeup and beauty products now. You can get cheaper, quality dupes for cult-favorites by doing a quick search online. Read reviews. Be an informed shopper. I’m not saying that these branded products aren’t worth the money but at the end of the day, it’s not wise to break bank just to say that you have the brand.

To summarize, fake makeup isn’t doing you any favors as a consumer. It’s powering an industry of counterfeiting, it’s not worth the money “saved” and there’s so many different options now for products that makes beauty affordable for everyone.

If you’re worried about buying fake products and want to know more about this, I read this excellent article on how to spot fake makeup by Project Vanity. You can read their article here.

What are your thoughts on fake products? Have you been duped by fake? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you in the next one.

Eri 🙂



2 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why I Don’t Buy Fake Makeup”

  1. The solution to wanting to use expensive makeup without busting the bank? DUPES. DUPES DUPES DUPES. Dupes are products from cheaper brand lines – NOT fake brands, but actualfax brands with quality control and other, very important controls and tests for a company that sells things that go on people’s skin. Dupes have similar properties as a more expensive product, or (as is often the case with eyeshadow and lipstick dupes) have a similar colour as a more expensive product. I’m okay with spending a bit more on higher-tier products for things like my primer, concealer, foundation – basically the stuff that sits directly on my skin. But for my eyeshadow and lipstick? I will always – ALWAYS – look up if a particular colour of lipstick or a super-popular eyeshadow palette has a dupe with a cheaper brand.

    For example: when I first started looking for a nude lipstick I learned that MAC has a gorgeous nude lippie called Twig, and when I tried it at a MAC shop it looked gorgeous on me. But MAC’s expensive (I only have a few MAC lippies because the price is owwie, and most of them are reds because MAC makes really luscious red lippies). So I looked up a dupe, and found out that Maybelline carries an excellent dupe for Twig called Touch of Spice. Incidentally, that was around the time that matte lipsticks were becoming really trendy, and Touch of Spice was also a matte lippie (as opposed to Twig, which had a satin finish). So not only did dupes save my wallet, but they let me jump onto a trend right out of the gate XD.

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    1. I agree! Dupes are the lifesavers to wanting to look extra without spending extra. Be a smart shopper because not every high-end brand is worth burning a hole into your bank account.

      Also: I love Touch of Spice by Maybelline! It’s a lovely shade that looks good on Pinoy skintones.


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