Writing Exercise: Prompt Poetry

I was inspired by Roch Lazarte on Twitter to do this.

Basically, you find a photo/illustration/art piece and do a quick, on-the-spot poem inspired by the thing. Rules may vary to add an element of challenge. Roch does this on her twitter and I’ve participated twice. I used to do this a lot back in high school when I was a member of the Creative Writers’ Guild and hey, now’s a good a time as any to get back at it.

For this round of Prompt Poetry, I got six pictures (some from my Pinterest boards) and made a short poem for each one. I tried to write as quickly as possible as to keep my brain in rapid-fire mode. Each poem is untitled and will probably remain that way for  while.

You are welcome to use the photos I’ve got here if you want to give it a try. I highly encourage that you do because a) mentally stimulating and b) lots of fun.



her eyes found everything:
the secrets worth keeping
the lies left hidden
the darkness in the morning
the light of cold silence

but her eyes were only mirrors
never windows into her soul
her irises, though beautiful
tinted the glass
darker than ever before seen


they never questioned why
his pockets were always full
of assorted wildflowers

or why she insisted on her ponytail
falling to the left side of her head

or why his socks never matched
or why her hands never stopped

if they did
maybe they would’ve found the
answers to all the other questions
they were constantly asking


yellow is rarely associated with sadness
golden sunshine never feels cold

bright fires always burn their brightest
with the darkest and blackest coal

warmth and joy – an inseparable combination
woven in daffodils and spring dandelions
are all still just dead weeds
to the stomping underfoot

4. This piece I wrote in response to Roch’s tweet. The rules were that you couldn’t mention any body parts, space (stars, galaxy, universe etc.) or use the “I” pronoun. That and it had to fit in a tweet of 140 characters.

Change, Pliska Dasha (Ukraine)

the journey was long
but her goal:
to disappear completely
was motivation
to keep going

all she had to do was
and try.

5. This one is also from Roch. No restrictions. Just the photo as a prompt.

i’m still here, Vivian Mineker

my senses move to
find your every part:
i have even twisted
my own heart for you
in an attempt
to reach your distance



pressure and power
they say —
builds the bright diamond
like my bones
and muscles
are supposedly destined
to become semi-precious
under graceless

There we go, six quick poems. Which one’s your favorite? I personally like the 6th one. I’d love to read one of your poems. Try it out and leave your poem in the comments.

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you in the next one.

Eri 🙂


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