#Osaka2017: Makeup + Beauty Haul!

Hello there, friend. It’s me again. Are you having a good day?

Today I am going to share with you my first ever haul post. I went to Osaka, Japan for a holiday and well…I went mildly crazy shopping for stuff that I can’t access locally. This is about all the makeup + beauty I got from several places in Osaka.

Here’s a semi-complete photo of my beauty haul:

Japan Haul - 1
Not pictured: Cure Natural Aqua Gel (it’s sitting in my bathroom already)

I’ll enumerate from the left to the right:

DUP Perfect Tweezers

These are tweezers for placing false eyelashes and I’ve been looking for a pair of these type of tweezers for a loooong time. Their tips are curved so you can clamp on the lashes without denting them while you put the glue on them. Very handy, especially if you have giant mitts and fat fingertips like me.

Missha M Magic Cushion Foundation in No. 21 (with two spare puffs)

Okay, so I’ve been late to the BB cushion party and I’m sorry for not trying it sooner because they aren’t kidding about the hype of this contraption. The combination of the sponge on the inside with the puff applicator makes putting BB cream/foundation/your base so easy! This particular BB cushion has a medium to full coverage. It dries down to a demi-matte finish which is something I prefer considering my skin type.

Japan Haul - 4
Close up: Inside the BB Cushion

The sponge on the inside allows for just the right amount of product to go onto the puff. I got this particular BB cushion because along with the matte finish, it also has SPF 50+/PA+++ which will help me not burn in the summer. The color is a bit light but workable so I don’t use too much product.

God bless BB cushions.

MAPEPE Hair clips

I first saw these type of clips on YouTube makeup tutorials. They’re flat on one side (the broad plastic part) to prevent denting your hair/bangs while you do your makeup. Amazing! They came in two color combinations: black and brown (which is what I got) and pink and purple. Hopefully I can get more of them locally soon.

Maybelline Pure.BB Mineral BB Water Gel in 01 Natural Beige

You must be thinking: “Eri, you just bought the BB cushion. Why did you buy a tube BB cream?”

Okay first of all, I bought this first because I wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of the BB cushion at that time. Secondly, I got this particular BB cream for its formulation. Compared to other BB creams available, the formulation of this one is ridiculously light-weight. It’s like putting a water-based moisturizer on your face. Once you put it on, it feels like you’re not wearing anything.

With the onset of summer (aka I MELT UR FACE OFF) I need to switch to lighter products. This is perfect for that.

Beauty Nailer Eyefix Pro Clear Eyelash Glue

I got this because there isn’t a lot of affordable eyelash glue options locally. That’s it. It’s nothing special. I just needed glue. Haha.

Cezanne Gokuboso Eyeliner R in No. 20 Brown

Recently I’ve been really into using brown liquid eyeliner for my wings/cat-eye looks. It gives my eye looks a clean line without being too harsh or sharp. I have one brown liquid liner now but its brush tip isn’t that good so I decided to get another one as a replacement. It’s also waterproof which is always a great plus for oily skin and humidity.

W7 In The Night Eye Colour Palette

I was really excited when I saw this palette (and its sisters) in store because 1) this isn’t at all available locally and I don’t want to fork over too much cash for shipping and 2) these eyeshadow palettes are supposedly good dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes.

My mom got the palette with the rosy-neutral colors and I got the palette with the smokey shades – an affordable dupe for UD’s Naked Smokey Palette, so I’ve been told by Pinterest. Each palette contains 12 shadows and I’ve got a close up below:

Japan Haul - 3
From the bottom: Dusty, Wonderland, Summer, Atlanta, Abracadabra, Top Hat, Razzmataz, Lady Luck, Laura E, Party Pooper, Gate Crash, Bologna

I haven’t tried this palette yet but I am excited to try it out. Maybe I’ll make a review of it once I get around to using it.

BN Nail Art Stickers 

Japan Haul - 2

Japan is the land of cute and elaborate nail art and last time I went, I bought a bunch of nail decals to make my manicures just as cute. I got these designs but I don’t intend to use them all as nail art.

I saw a makeup tutorial/look by Pony where she used nail stickers under her eyes to add a magical-sparkly-unicorn effect to her look and dang, I wanted to try it too. I have a makeup look that I’ve been experimenting with and maybe with these, I’ll finally be able to complete the look perfectly.

And there we go, that’s my makeup + beauty haul! I’ll be making another haul post in the future so stay tuned for that. What products do you want me to do a review of? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you in the next one!

Eri 🙂


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