“how ’bout you call me when you care?”

Note: I’m writing this to relieve my inner mind. This isn’t going to be a happy entry and I’d prefer if you don’t ask me about this. If you’d rather skip this, that’s perfectly okay. If you do read on, I appreciate it.


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Life Update: Oh my lord, she’s alive!

Hello again, you wonderful weirdos. You didn’t think I’d be back? Well, to be fair, neither did I. I’ve been gone for a while and by now, I assume that you know that I’m no good at keeping a consistent posting schedule.

So, in true Eri fashion, I’m here to give you a life update. It’s been quite the break and I’ve got some stories to tell.

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Questions Nobody Asked: A Vlog!

So a few days ago, while I was midway through crushing my requirements for a class, I wanted to film a video. Procrastinating at its finest tbh. As a result, I made a vlog answering twenty (one) questions from my random questions box.

It’s another Questions Nobody Asked but this time it’s in a vlog format~

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On Fandoms, Merch, and Money

Money: whether or not we think it’s relevant, in a Capitalist modern society, money is important. It’s what (currently) makes the world go round and what we use to accomplish many a task.

Being a fangirl of many things, along with spending a whole day on YouTube and some moments of reflection, I decided to make a vlog about the relationship between supporting your faves and being financially stable.

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