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Photos: ToyCon 2018

ToyCon, that time of the year where I spend copious amounts of savings and bask in the glory of toys, merch, art, and everything in between. This year was particularly rainy so I spent a lot of the time inside, walking around and taking photos.

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Waiting for a Disaster

I have a friend who would want to do anything else in the universe than go home to her mom’s.  In broad strokes, it has gotten to the point that she wishes that she wasn’t born as her mother’s daughter. She tells me (and a couple others – we have a group chat) countless stories of what her mom does that makes her feel like a failure, like she’s trapped in a corner.

As her friend, that breaks my heart. As someone who has seen her grow into a brilliant young woman despite all odds, to see her go through this makes me angry in a way that I don’t entirely know how to express.

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Life Update: Oh my lord, she’s alive!

Hello again, you wonderful weirdos. You didn’t think I’d be back? Well, to be fair, neither did I. I’ve been gone for a while and by now, I assume that you know that I’m no good at keeping a consistent posting schedule.

So, in true Eri fashion, I’m here to give you a life update. It’s been quite the break and I’ve got some stories to tell.

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Questions Nobody Asked: A Vlog!

So a few days ago, while I was midway through crushing my requirements for a class, I wanted to film a video. Procrastinating at its finest tbh. As a result, I made a vlog answering twenty (one) questions from my random questions box.

It’s another Questions Nobody Asked but this time it’s in a vlog format~

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